Introducing the Retirement Intelligence course.

An online video class filled with surprisingly smart strategies to reshape the way you approach retirement. With clear answers to all your wealth management questions, you’ll leave confident in your financial future.

Learn the keys to retiring successfully.

  • 01 Form a clear vision.

    Determine your personal retirement goals and how to meet (and exceed) them. In other words: learn what’s possible and how to afford it.

  • 02 Learn how your money works.

    Gain special insight into how to make the most of your time and money through sensible investment management.

    Assess and estimate your retirement costs
    Evaluate your sources of income
    Align your investments with your goals

  • 03 Maximize your outcome.

    Advanced strategies to optimize your unique retirement and get the most out of your efforts. We cover topics like:

    Tax minimization and income maximization strategies
    Protecting your wealth and health
    Transferring assets to the next generations
    Maximizing charitable impact

Your dream retirement is closer than you think.

In our convenient online course, we help people discover the freedom that comes with smart, honest financial education. When you fully understand your options, you may realize you’re dreaming too small.

We equip you to make the best decisions in every aspect of your personal wealth management.

Helpful answers to common questions.

This course is designed for people within 3-5 years of retirement. It helps you plan for retirement, no matter your level of knowledge or retirement savings. People with $100,000 to more than $10 million have found this course to be of great value to their retirement planning.

While some of the information shared will apply to all people, most of this course material is specific to people retiring within five years. And while we’re confident you would still receive value from the course, some strategies may not be applicable until you are closer to retirement.

Even those who already have a personal financial advisor can gain valuable insights from this course. What you learn will depend on the depth of planning you receive from your current advisor. We encourage you to take strategies you learn in this course and review them with your personal advisor.

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Each live session is recorded, so you can watch them at your convenience.

Absolutely! We highly encourage couples to work through the class modules together. This leads to productive conversations and a higher likelihood of achieving your dream retirement.

No. Unlike many financial seminars, Retirement Intelligence does not sell or recommend any products. Each module gives you the information you need, without having to worry about being sold something.

Retirement Intelligence does not provide tax, legal, or investment advice. The strategies discussed are for educational purposes only. For implementation, we encourage you to work with a professional financial advisor.

Finding your path to success is easy.

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